tachy etymology

English word tachy comes from Middle English touchen (To touch.), Old French tache (Mark; stain.)

Detailed word origin of tachy

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touchen Middle English (enm) To touch.
tache Old French (fro) Mark; stain.
teche Middle English (enm)
taste English (eng) (countable, and, uncountable) A person's implicit set of preferences, especially esthetic, though also culinary, sartorial, etc. (Wikipedia).. (uncountable, figuratively) A small amount of experience with something that gives a sense of its quality as a whole.. A kind of narrow and thin silk ribbon.. One of the sensations produced by the tongue in response to certain chemicals (Wikipedia).. [...]

Words with the same origin as tachy

Descendants of touchen
iTouch sixth sense teachie techiness techy tetchy touch
Descendants of tache
Blu-Tack hardtack tachism tack taqueria taquería taquito tatch thumbtack touchy