tallyho etymology

English word tallyho comes from Old French ta (Your (second-person singular possessive).), Old French ho, Old French taho, Old French tielau, Old French ta ho

Detailed word origin of tallyho

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ta Old French (fro) Your (second-person singular possessive).
ho Old French (fro)
taho Old French (fro)
tielau Old French (fro)
ta ho Old French (fro)
tayo Middle French (frm)
taïaut French (fra) Tallyho (cry used in deer hunting, especially to the hounds).
tallyho English (eng) (UK) used to urge on a fox hunt, especially when the fox is sighted.. (radio, aviation) target sighted.. A simple greeting, exclusively used by the upper classes. To articulate the interjection. (dated) A pleasure coach.. The interjection.

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