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English word teacup comes from English cup, English tea

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cup English (eng) (transitive) To form into the shape of a cup, particularly of the hands.. (transitive) To hold something in cupped hands.. (transitive, engineering) To make concave or in the form of a cup.. (transitive, obsolete) To supply with cups of wine.. (transitive, surgery, archaic) To apply a cupping apparatus to; to subject to the operation of cupping. (Canada) A Canadian unit of measure equal to 8 [...]
tea English (eng) (countable) A variety of the tea plant.. (countable, Australia, British, Canada, New Zealand, northern, _) A cup of any one of these drinks, often with a small amount of milk or cream added and sweetened with sugar or honey.. (countable, Southern US) A glass of iced tea, typically served with ice cubes and sometimes with a slice or wedge of lemon.. (cricket) The break in play between the [...]
teacup English (eng) A small cup, usually with a handle, used for drinking tea; normally sits in a saucer as part of a tea set.. A unit of measure; a teacupful. Of an animal, smaller than average.

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cuppa kettle