teammate etymology

English word teammate comes from English team, English mate

Detailed word origin of teammate

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team English (eng) (intransitive) To form a group, as for sports or work.. (intransitive, by extension) To go together well; to harmonize.. (transitive) To convey or haul with a team. (UK, legal, obsolete) A royalty or privilege granted by royal charter to a lord of a manor, of having, keeping, and judging in his court, his bondmen, neifes, and villains, and their offspring, or suit, that is, goods and [...]
mate English (eng) , an aromatic tea-like drink prepared from the holly yerba maté (Ilex paraguariensis).. The abovementioned plant; the leaves and shoots used for the tea (chess) Short for checkmate. (intransitive) To copulate.. (intransitive) To match, fit together without space between.. (intransitive) To pair in order to raise offspring. (transitive) To arrange in matched pairs.. (transitive) To fit [...]
teammate English (eng) One who is on the same team.