technojunkie etymology

English word technojunkie comes from English junky, English techno- (Relating to technology.)

Detailed word origin of technojunkie

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
junky English (eng) (slang, pejorative) Resembling or characteristic of junk; cheap, worthless, or of low quality.
techno- English (eng) Relating to technology.
technojunkie English (eng) (informal) One who has an addiction to computer technology.

Words with the same origin as technojunkie

Descendants of junky
janky junkiness
Descendants of techno-
technobabble technobureaucrat technocide technocomplex technocritical technocultural technocutie technoentrepreneurship technoliberal technomad technomagic technomancy technopagan technopathy technopeasant technophilia technophobia technopolis technoscape technoshamanistic technosignature technospeak technostalgia technostress