technomancy etymology

English word technomancy comes from English -mancy (Divination.), English techno- (Relating to technology.)

Detailed word origin of technomancy

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-mancy English (eng) Divination.
techno- English (eng) Relating to technology.
technomancy English (eng) A category of magical abilities that either affect technology, or to magical powers that are gained through the use of technology.. The combination of magic and technology.

Words with the same origin as technomancy

Descendants of -mancy
aeromancy amniomancy anthracomancy arithmancy astragalomancy astromancy belomancy bibliomancy ceromancy chiromancy cyclomancy entomomancy hieromancy logomancy molybdomancy oneiromancy ornithomancy psychomancy selenomancy sideromancy spodomancy tasseomancy tephramancy xylomancy zoomancy
Descendants of techno-
technobabble technobureaucrat technocide technocomplex technocritical technocultural technocutie technoentrepreneurship technojunkie technoliberal technomad technomagic technopagan technopathy technopeasant technophilia technophobia technopolis technoscape technoshamanistic technosignature technospeak technostalgia technostress