technopathy etymology

English word technopathy comes from English -pathy, English techno- (Relating to technology.)

Detailed word origin of technopathy

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-pathy English (eng) Damage to, disease of, or abnormality. Suffering, feeling. Therapy.
techno- English (eng) Relating to technology.
technopathy English (eng) (science fiction) a psychic ability to control electronic machinery and/or read electronic signals. Easily confused with cyberpathy, but cyberpathy has more to do with controlling the software, while technopathy has more to do with controlling the hardware.

Words with the same origin as technopathy

Descendants of -pathy
allelopathic allopath autopathic cytopathy desminopathy enzymopathy hepatopathy heteropathic mastopathic naturopath nephropathic neuroarthropathy neuropathic osteoarthropathy pathy polyarthropathy pseudo-telepathy psychopath sociopathy spondyloarthropathy telepathic
Descendants of techno-
technobabble technobureaucrat technocide technocomplex technocritical technocultural technocutie technoentrepreneurship technojunkie technoliberal technomad technomagic technomancy technopagan technopeasant technophilia technophobia technopolis technoscape technoshamanistic technosignature technospeak technostalgia technostress