technopolis etymology

English word technopolis comes from English -polis (City.), English techno- (Relating to technology.)

Detailed word origin of technopolis

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-polis English (eng) City.
techno- English (eng) Relating to technology.
technopolis English (eng) A technologically advanced city, or one heavily involved in mechanised manufacture of goods, especially of microelectronics.

Words with the same origin as technopolis

Descendants of -polis
Albertopolis Christianopolis Copperopolis Porkopolis cosmopolis dodecapolis ideopolis megalopolis megapolis megapolitan
Descendants of techno-
technobabble technobureaucrat technocide technocomplex technocritical technocultural technocutie technoentrepreneurship technojunkie technoliberal technomad technomagic technomancy technopagan technopathy technopeasant technophilia technophobia technoscape technoshamanistic technosignature technospeak technostalgia technostress