technoscape etymology

English word technoscape comes from English -scape, English techno- (Relating to technology.)

Detailed word origin of technoscape

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-scape English (eng) A specific type of space. Form, formation, shape. Scene, picture, view.
techno- English (eng) Relating to technology.
technoscape English (eng) Figuratively, the technological landscape; the global distribution of technology allowing ideas and information to be communicated.

Words with the same origin as technoscape

Descendants of -scape
Earthscape blockscape cityscape dreamscape futurescape harborscape interiorscaping lightscape meadowscape mediascape pixelscape playscape rainscape seascape skullscape skyscape softscape soulscape spacescape stagescape thoughtscape touristscape tourscape urbanscape voxelscape
Descendants of techno-
technobabble technobureaucrat technocide technocomplex technocritical technocultural technocutie technoentrepreneurship technojunkie technoliberal technomad technomagic technomancy technopagan technopathy technopeasant technophilia technophobia technopolis technoshamanistic technosignature technospeak technostalgia technostress