tectophase etymology

English word tectophase comes from English phase, English tecto- (Tectonic. Tectum.)

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phase English (eng) (astronomy) A particular appearance or state in a regularly recurring cycle of changes with respect to quantity of illumination or form, or the absence, of its enlightened disk. Illustrated in Wikipedia's article Lunar phase.. (chemistry) A component in a material system that is distinguished by chemical composition and/or physical state (solid, liquid or gas) and/or crystal structure. It is [...]
tecto- English (eng) Tectonic. Tectum.
tectophase English (eng) (geology) Any geological feature formed by collision of tectonic plates.

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Descendants of phase
biphasic phasic phasically phasor phirotope triphasic
Descendants of tecto-
tectosilicate tectosphere tectospinal