tectosilicate etymology

English word tectosilicate comes from English silicate, English tecto- (Tectonic. Tectum.)

Detailed word origin of tectosilicate

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silicate English (eng) (chemistry) Any salt of silica or of one of the silicic acids; any mineral composed of silicates.
tecto- English (eng) Tectonic. Tectum.
tectosilicate English (eng) (mineralogy) Any of various silicate minerals, mostly aluminosilicates, with a three-dimensional framework of silicate tetrahedra with SiO2 or a 1:2 ratio, making up the greater part of Earth's crust.

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Descendants of silicate
ferrosilite pentasil silicatian silicatization uranosilite zinalsite
Descendants of tecto-
tectophase tectosphere tectospinal