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English word teenage comes from English teen, English -age

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teen English (eng) A teenager. (reflexive, obsolete) To become angry or distressed.. (transitive, obsolete) To excite; to provoke; to vex; to afflict; to injure. (transitive, obsolete, provincial) To hedge or fence in; to enclose. Of or having to do with teenagers. (archaic) Grief; sorrow; trouble. (archaic, _, or, _, obsolete) Vexation; anger; hate.
-age English (eng) Forming nouns with the sense of collection or appurtenance.. Forming nouns indicating a charge, toll, or fee. Forming nouns indicating a place. Forming nouns indicating a process, action, or a result. Forming nouns indicating a rate. Forming nouns of a state or relationship.
teenage English (eng) (chiefly, Kentish, _, dialect) Brushwood for fences and hedges.

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