telekinesis etymology

English word telekinesis comes from English -kinesis (Movement, motion.), English tele-

Detailed word origin of telekinesis

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-kinesis English (eng) Movement, motion.
tele- English (eng) Over a distance. Telegraph. Telephone. Teleport. Television.
telekinesis English (eng) (uncountable) The ability to move objects with the power of one's mind.. An instance of use of such power.

Words with the same origin as telekinesis

Descendants of -kinesis
acrokinesis aerokinesis amphikinesis autokinesis biokinesis chemokinesis diakinesis ferrokinesis geokinesis hydrokinesis hypokinesis metakinesis microkinesis neurokinesis nucleokinesis optokinesis orthokinesis parakinesis photokinesis pryokinesis psychokinesis teek telekinetic thermokinesis
Descendants of tele-
radio telegram telepathic telescope television