tenolysis etymology

English word tenolysis comes from English -lysis (Decomposition or breakdown. Disintegration. Dissolving.), English teno- ((medicine, anatomy) tendon.)

Detailed word origin of tenolysis

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-lysis English (eng) Decomposition or breakdown. Disintegration. Dissolving.
teno- English (eng) (medicine, anatomy) tendon.
tenolysis English (eng) (surgery) A surgical procedure in which a tendon is separated from its sheath.

Words with the same origin as tenolysis

Descendants of -lysis
acantholytic acetolysis acetolytic atmolysis autohydrolysis autoproteolysis biolysis cerumenolysis chemolysis chromatolysis elastinolysis electrolysis endoproteolysis glycohydrolysis heterolytic homolysis hydrolysis karyolysis karyolytic lipolysis neurolysis octanolysis oncolysis onycholysis
Descendants of teno-
tenoblast tenocyte tenogenic tenorrhaphy tenotomy