termiticidal etymology

English word termiticidal comes from English termite, English -cidal

Detailed word origin of termiticidal

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termite English (eng) (intransitive) Of a chimpanzee: to catch termites by inserting a stick or vine into their nest and waiting for them to climb up it. A white-bodied, wood-consuming insect of the infraorder Isoptera, in the order Blattodea.
-cidal English (eng) Used to make adjectives corresponding to nouns ending in -cide.
termiticidal English (eng) Serving to kill termites.

Words with the same origin as termiticidal

Descendants of termite
termitarium termitary termiticide
Descendants of -cidal
algacidal algaecidal androcidal candidacidal chronocidal cytocidal fungicidal liberticidal mildewcidal nematocidal phytocidal pseudomonacidal sociocidal toxoplasmacidal urbicidal zoocidal zymocidal