terrarium etymology

English word terrarium comes from English -arium, Latin terra

Detailed word origin of terrarium

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-arium English (eng) A device associated with a specified function.. A place associated with a specified thing.
terra Latin (lat) the world, the globe, earth as a celestial object. Earth's surface (dry land and sea together; as opposed to the heavens). A land, a region, a country. Earth, soil, dirt. Ground, dry land.
terrarium English (eng) A partially enclosed glass container for displaying plants, especially plants that need high humidity.. An enclosure where very small animals are displayed, often with some plants, in a naturalistic setting.

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Descendants of -arium
dolphinarium formicarium gerbilarium insectarium magnetarium oceanarium ophidiarium orchidarium orphanarium penguinarium planetarium septarium termitarium xylarium
Descendants of terra
FPT FedEx Fedzilla Terrestrial Territorial Army Territorian dister extraterrestrial fed federal inter parterre provincial subterrestrial superterrestrial terrel terremote terrene terrestre terrestrial terricolous territory terroir terroirist tureen