tetraborate etymology

English word tetraborate comes from English tetra- (Four.), English borate

Detailed word origin of tetraborate

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tetra- English (eng) Four.
borate English (eng) (inorganic chemistry) The oxyanion BO33- or any of several more complex derivatives. A salt or ester formed by the combination of boric acid with a base or positive radical.
tetraborate English (eng) (chemistry) Any borate having four boron atoms.

Words with the same origin as tetraborate

Descendants of tetra-
carbon tetrachloride silver tribromide tellurium tetraiodide tetrabarbital tetrabasic tetrachloride tetrachromacy tetrachromatic tetradelphous tetradelphy tetraene tetrafluoride tetranitro tetranucleosome tetraparalogous tetrapartite tetraphobia tetraquark tetrasialic tetrasilicide tetrasodium tetrastarch tetrasulfonated uranium tetraiodide
Descendants of borate
ammonioborite boratian borating boratoan hydroboration