tetrachromatic etymology

English word tetrachromatic comes from English tetra- (Four.), English chromatic

Detailed word origin of tetrachromatic

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tetra- English (eng) Four.
chromatic English (eng) (music) Related to or using notes not belonging to the diatonic scale of the key in which a passage is written.. Having the capacity to separate spectral colours by refraction.. Relating to or characterised by hue.
tetrachromatic English (eng) Having four independent channels for conveying color information.

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Descendants of tetra-
carbon tetrachloride silver tribromide tellurium tetraiodide tetrabarbital tetrabasic tetraborate tetrachloride tetrachromacy tetradelphous tetradelphy tetraene tetrafluoride tetranitro tetranucleosome tetraparalogous tetrapartite tetraphobia tetraquark tetrasialic tetrasilicide tetrasodium tetrastarch tetrasulfonated uranium tetraiodide