thalliferous etymology

English word thalliferous comes from English thallium, English -ferous

Detailed word origin of thalliferous

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thallium English (eng) A metallic chemical element (symbol Tl) with atomic number 81.. A single atom of this element.
-ferous English (eng) Used to form adjectives from nouns, containing the specified material. Used to form adjectives from nouns, producing the specified material.
thalliferous English (eng) Containing or producing thallium.

Words with the same origin as thalliferous

Descendants of thallium
Chalcolithic chalco- chalcogen chalcogenide orichalcum thalloan
Descendants of -ferous
amentiferous balsamiferous bariferous berylliferous carboniferous ceriferous culmiferous dentiferous diamondiferous ferriferous gelatiniferous gemmiferous gemmuliferous glanduliferous granuliferous iodiferous manganiferous molybdeniferous palladiferous pruniferous quartziferous tantaliferous tungsteniferous unguiferous zinciferous