thanatomania etymology

English word thanatomania comes from English -mania (Compulsion or obsession.), English thanato- (Death.)

Detailed word origin of thanatomania

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-mania English (eng) Compulsion or obsession.
thanato- English (eng) Death.
thanatomania English (eng) The morbid belief that one is fated to die, having been cursed or bewitched by an enemy.

Words with the same origin as thanatomania

Descendants of -mania
Fridamania Gazzamania Henmania Jennermania Leomania Obamamania Pottermania andromania balletomania clinomania ethnomania hydromania kleptomania matrimania narcomaniac nymphomania onomamania pathomania photomania phytomania plutomania polkamania theomaniac zoomania
Descendants of thanato-
Thanatophidia thanatism thanatocoenose thanatocracy thanatogenetic thanatognomonic thanatography thanatoid thanatolatry thanatology thanatomicrobiome thanatomimesis thanatomimetic thanatophile thanatophobic thanatourism theothanatological