theogony etymology

English word theogony comes from Ancient Greek θεός, Ancient Greek γόνος

Detailed word origin of theogony

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θεός Ancient Greek (grc)
γόνος Ancient Greek (grc)
θεογονία Ancient Greek (grc)
theogony English (eng) (chiefly, in ancient, _, religion) The origination of gods or a narrative describing the origin of gods.

Words with the same origin as theogony

Descendants of θεός
Kimothy Theodore Thucydides Timothy antitheist atheous autotheistic doll dolldom dollface dollhood dollhouse duotheistic enthusiasm fedora fuckdoll pantheologist pantheon peeler surname theanthropos theology theosophic theosophist theurgy
Descendants of γόνος
cosmogonic cosmogony gon- gonorrhea gyrogonite