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English word thereby comes from English by, English there

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by English (eng) Out of the way, subsidiary. (card games) A pass Along a path which runs by the speaker.. Aside, away.. In the vicinity, near.. To or at a place, as a residence or place of business. Indicates an authority, rule, or permission followed.. At some time before (the given time), or before the end of a given time interval.. In the formulae X by X and by Xs, indicates a steady progression, one X [...]
there English (eng) (figuratively) In that matter, relation, etc.; at that point, stage, etc., regarded as a distinct place.. (location) In a place or location (stated, implied or otherwise indicated) at some distance from the speaker (compare here).. (location) To or into that place; thither.. (obsolete) Where, there where, in which place.. In existence or in this world; see pronoun section below. Used to [...]
thereby English (eng) (formal) By it, by that.

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der the'e they