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English word thermistor comes from English resistor, English thermal

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resistor English (eng) An electric component that transmits current in direct proportion to the voltage across it.. One who resists, especially a person who fights against an occupying army.
thermal English (eng) (gliding, often in the present participle) To fly an unpowered aircraft in a (thermal) column of rising air.. (stone) To create a rough finish on stone by treating it with a high-temperature blow-torch. (fabric) Providing efficient insulation so as to keep the body warm.. (stone) Having a rough finish by treatment with a blow-torch.. Caused, brought about by heat.. Pertaining to heat or [...]
thermistor English (eng) A resistor whose resistance varies rapidly and predictably with temperature and as a result can be used to measure temperature.

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FET JFET MOSFET TFT barristor memristor pellistor posistor spacistor thyristor transistor transistorize varistor