thermomechanics etymology

English word thermomechanics comes from English mechanics, English thermo- (Heat.)

Detailed word origin of thermomechanics

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mechanics English (eng) (physics) The branch of physics that deals with the action of forces on material objects with mass. (writing) Spelling and punctuation.. Operation in general; workings.. The design and construction of machines.
thermo- English (eng) Heat.
thermomechanics English (eng) (physics) The study of the effects of heat upon the mechanical properties of materials.

Words with the same origin as thermomechanics

Descendants of mechanics
mechatronics mecomtronics
Descendants of thermo-
thermoanalytical thermobalance thermodependency thermodiffractogram thermodynamic thermoecology thermogenesis thermohardening thermokinetics thermomagnetism thermomagnonic thermomould thermonuclear thermophone thermophotovoltaic thermoratchet thermoresponsive thermoscopic thermosensation thermostat thermotaxis thermotherapy thermotype thermovinification