thermophone etymology

English word thermophone comes from English -phone, English thermo- (Heat.)

Detailed word origin of thermophone

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-phone English (eng) A device related to the telephone.. A device that makes a sound.. A speaker of a certain language.. A type of sound.
thermo- English (eng) Heat.
thermophone English (eng) (historical) A portable telethermometer, using a telephone in connection with a differential thermometer.. (historical) A telephone involving heat effects, as changes in temperature (hence in length) due to pulsations of the line current in a fine wire connected with the receiver diaphragm.. A form of transducer that generates sound waves of precise power.

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Descendants of -phone
beth microphone trademark videotape
Descendants of thermo-
thermoanalytical thermobalance thermodependency thermodiffractogram thermodynamic thermoecology thermogenesis thermohardening thermokinetics thermomagnetism thermomagnonic thermomechanics thermomould thermonuclear thermophotovoltaic thermoratchet thermoresponsive thermoscopic thermosensation thermostat thermotaxis thermotherapy thermotype thermovinification