thioglycoside etymology

English word thioglycoside comes from English thio-, English glycoside

Detailed word origin of thioglycoside

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thio- English (eng) (chemistry) containing sulfur / sulphur, especially a compound in which oxygen has been replaced by this element.
glycoside English (eng) (organic chemistry, biochemistry) A molecule in which a sugar group (the glycone) is bound to a non-sugar group (the corresponding aglycone) by a nitrogen or oxygen atom. Glycosides yield a sugar after undergoing hydrolysis.
thioglycoside English (eng) (organic chemistry) Any glycoside in which a hydroxyl group of a sugar is replaced by a sulfide (-SR) group.

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Descendants of thio-
aurothiomalate bisthiourea dialkylthiourea thioacetic acid thioalkaloid thioaminal thioanisole thiobarbiturate thiobenzanilide thiocarboxylic thiocyanuric thiodiglycol thioethyl thioformaldehyde thioguanosine thiohemiketal thiometalate thiophilic thiopurine thiopyridone thiopyrimidine thioquinone thiosulfate thiotrophic thiouridine
Descendants of glycoside
astragaloside glycosidase glycosidation glycosidic glycosidic bond glycosidically nonglycosidic