thiopurine etymology

English word thiopurine comes from English thio-, English purine

Detailed word origin of thiopurine

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thio- English (eng) (chemistry) containing sulfur / sulphur, especially a compound in which oxygen has been replaced by this element.
purine English (eng) (organic compound) Any of a class of organic heterocyclic compounds, composed of fused pyrimidine and imidazole rings, that constitute one of the two groups of organic nitrogenous bases (the other being the pyrimidines) and are components of nucleic acids.
thiopurine English (eng) (organic chemistry) Any of several types of sulfur derivative of a purine, some of which have medical applications.

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Descendants of thio-
aurothiomalate bisthiourea dialkylthiourea thioacetic acid thioalkaloid thioaminal thioanisole thiobarbiturate thiobenzanilide thiocarboxylic thiocyanuric thiodiglycol thioethyl thioformaldehyde thioguanosine thiohemiketal thiometalate thiophilic thiopyridone thiopyrimidine thioquinone thiosulfate thiotrophic thiouridine
Descendants of purine
allopurinol depurination depurinization polypurinic purinic