thiotrophic etymology

English word thiotrophic comes from English thio-, English -trophic

Detailed word origin of thiotrophic

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thio- English (eng) (chemistry) containing sulfur / sulphur, especially a compound in which oxygen has been replaced by this element.
-trophic English (eng) Used to form adjectives corresponding to nouns ending in -trophy.
thiotrophic English (eng) (biology) Describing an organism that oxidizes sulfur compounds as a major part of its metabolism.

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Descendants of thio-
aurothiomalate bisthiourea dialkylthiourea thioacetic acid thioalkaloid thioaminal thioanisole thiobarbiturate thiobenzanilide thiocarboxylic thiocyanuric thiodiglycol thioethyl thioformaldehyde thioguanosine thiohemiketal thiometalate thiophilic thiopurine thiopyridone thiopyrimidine thioquinone thiosulfate thiouridine
Descendants of -trophic
adrenotrophic amphitrophic angiotrophic autotrophic cyanotrophic ectoperitrophic endoperitrophic endotrophic lithotrophic mesotrophic mucosotrophic necrotrophic neurotrophic nonautotrophic oligotrophic ombrotrophic pantrophic phototrophic planktotrophic psychrotrophic radiotrophic vasotrophic zootrophic zoötrophic