thoracopagus etymology

English word thoracopagus comes from English -pagus, English thoraco- ((anatomy) thorax.)

Detailed word origin of thoracopagus

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-pagus English (eng)
thoraco- English (eng) (anatomy) thorax.
thoracopagus English (eng) (medicine) (of conjoined twins) with fusion of the chest.

Words with the same origin as thoracopagus

Descendants of -pagus
cephalothoracopagus omphalopagus pygopagus rachipagus
Descendants of thoraco-
rethoracotomy thoracalgia thoracoabdominal thoracoacromial thoracodorsal thoracolumbar thoracolumbosacral thoracometer thoracopathy thoracoplasty thoracopod thoracoscope thoracostomy thoracotomy