thoracoscopy etymology

English word thoracoscopy comes from English -scopy (Observation, viewing.), English thoraco- ((anatomy) thorax.)

Detailed word origin of thoracoscopy

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-scopy English (eng) Observation, viewing.
thoraco- English (eng) (anatomy) thorax.
thoracoscopy English (eng) (medicine) A procedure for examining the inside of the chest cavity through a small incision, using an endoscope.

Words with the same origin as thoracoscopy

Descendants of -scopy
amnioscopy auriscopy bioscopy bronchoscopy brontoscopy colonoscopy duodenoscopy embryoscopy endoscopy fibroscopy fluoroscopy genitoscopy laparoscopy metalloscopy microscopy oneiroscopy proctoscopy rectoscopy retinoscopy spectroscopy telescopy tracheoscopy uranoscopy vaginoscopy
Descendants of thoraco-
cephalothoracopagus rethoracotomy thoracalgia thoracoabdominal thoracoacromial thoracodorsal thoracolumbar thoracolumbosacral thoracometer thoracopagus thoracopathy thoracoplasty thoracopod thoracoscope thoracostomy thoracotomy