thromboendoarterioectomy etymology

English word thromboendoarterioectomy comes from English balanephagous ((rare) Acorn-eating.), English endo-, English thromb- ((chiefly, pathology, and, chemistry) thrombus.), English arteri-

Detailed word origin of thromboendoarterioectomy

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balanephagous English (eng) (rare) Acorn-eating.
endo- English (eng)
thromb- English (eng) (chiefly, pathology, and, chemistry) thrombus.
arteri- English (eng) (chiefly, medicine) artery. (forming countable nouns) of an artery or of arteries. (forming uncomparable adjectives) arterial (and).
thromboendoarterioectomy English (eng)

Words with the same origin as thromboendoarterioectomy

Descendants of balanephagous
Descendants of endo-
endarterial endoaperture endobifunctor endobiliary endocutter endocycle endocyclic endodontia endodormancy endogamous endogen endoglycolysis endolytic endomitosis endoparasitic endophloedal endopolyploidy endosaccular endoscope endoskeletal endoskeleton endosseous endosymbiosis endotoxic endovenous
Descendants of thromb-
prothrombogenic thrombasthenia thrombectomy thrombendarteriectomy thromboaspiration thrombocyte thrombocytopenic thrombocytosis thrombodynamics thromboelastography thromboembolism thrombogenic thrombogenicity thrombolysis thrombolytic thrombopenia thrombophilia thrombophlebitic thrombophylactic thromboplastic thromboprophylaxis thromboxane