thucholite etymology

English word thucholite comes from English carbon, English thorium (A chemical element (symbol Th) with atomic number 90.), English -ite, English molybdenum

Detailed word origin of thucholite

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carbon English (eng) (countable) An atom of this element, in reference to a molecule containing it.. (countable, informal) A carbon copy.. (countable, informal) A sheet of carbon paper.. (ecology, uncountable) Carbon dioxide, in the context of global warming and climate change.. (uncountable) The chemical element (symbol C) with an atomic number of 6.. A carbon rod or pencil used in an arc lamp.. A fossil fuel [...]
thorium English (eng) A chemical element (symbol Th) with atomic number 90.
-ite English (eng) Forming adjectives (biology) Used to form nouns denoting segments or components of the body or an organ of the body.. (chemistry) Used to form names of certain chemical compounds, especially salts or esters of acids whose name ends in -ous.. (chiefly, US) Used to form demonyms.. (sometimes, pejorative) Used to form nouns denoting followers or adherents of a specified person, idea, doctrine, [...]
molybdenum English (eng) A metallic chemical element (symbol Mo) with an atomic number of 42.. A single atom of this element.
hydrogen English (eng) The lightest chemical element (symbol H), with an atomic number of 1 and atomic weight of 1.00794.. A sample of the element.. An atom of the element.. Molecular hydrogen (H2), a colourless, odourless and flammable gas at room temperature.
thucholite English (eng) (mineral) A radioactive pyrobitumen mineral.

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Descendants of carbon
Silicon Fen Silicon Glen Silicon Hills Silicon Prairie Silicon Valley Silicon Wadi Silicone Valley halon hydricity hydrogen hydrogode hydrolley hydrolox nahcolite natrophilite polysilicon silico-borocalcite silicoborate silicoflagellate silicon germanium silicon tetrafluoride sodian sodide sodium
Descendants of thorium
althupite thorate thorian thoriate thoriferous thornasite
Descendants of -ite
Heracleonite Jainite Odessite andesite aphrodite bauxite carbonite cavorite coltan cordite jeffersonite kambaldaite kryptonite magnetite meteorite muscovite nanite noonkanbahite orichalcum saliotite samsonite silicate socialite sodomite trilobite
Descendants of molybdenum
moluranite molybdeniferous molybdenite molybdian molybdic molybdic acid molybdosis molybdous