thymectomy etymology

English word thymectomy comes from English -ectomy ((surgery) Surgical removal of.. Excision of.), English thymus

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-ectomy English (eng) (surgery) Surgical removal of.. Excision of.
thymus English (eng) (anatomy, immunology) A ductless gland, consisting mainly of lymphatic tissue, located behind the top of the breastbone. It is most active during puberty, after which it shrinks in size. It plays an important role in the development of the immune system and produces lymphocytes.
thymectomy English (eng) (surgery) The surgical removal of the thymus.

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Descendants of -ectomy
adenectomy adnexectomy appendectomy astragalectomy caudectomy dactylectomy embolectomy fasciectomy glossectomy hemihepatectomy ileectomy labyrinthectomised lipectomy mastectomy meniscectomy mucosectomy otectomy parathyroidectomy pleurectomy retinectomy sequestrectomy tendonectomy thymothymomectomy tonsillectomy
Descendants of thymus
T cell thymoma