timeless etymology

English word timeless comes from English -less (Lacking (something); without (something).), English region, English timeless

Detailed word origin of timeless

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-less English (eng) Lacking (something); without (something).
region English (eng) (anatomy) A place in or a part of the body in any way indicated.. (figuratively) The inhabitants of a region or district of a country.. (historical) Such a division of the city of Rome and of the territory about Rome, of which the number varied at different times; a district, quarter, or ward.. (obsolete) Place; rank; station; dignity.. (obsolete) The space from the earth's surface out to [...]
timeless English (eng) (obsolete) Done at an improper time; unseasonable; untimely.. Eternal.. Not affected by time; ageless.. Not decreasing over time in quality and appeal.

Words with the same origin as timeless

Descendants of -less
breathless clueless countless defenseless fearless flawless hopeless meaningless merciless needless penniless pointless priceless regardless relentless ruthless selfless senseless sleepless thoughtless toothless topless useless wireless
Descendants of region
provocation quality