topochemical etymology

English word topochemical comes from English chemical, English topo- (Place, area or region.)

Detailed word origin of topochemical

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chemical English (eng) (chemistry, sciences) Any specific chemical element or chemical compound or alloy.. (colloquial) An artificial chemical compound.. (slang) An addictive drug. (obsolete) Of or relating to alchemy.. Of or relating to a material or processes not commonly found in nature or in a particular product.. Of or relating to chemistry.
topo- English (eng) Place, area or region.
topochemical English (eng) (chemistry) Describing, or affected by, the orientation of molecules. Relating to topochemistry.

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Descendants of chemical
acetaminophen chemigation chemtrail
Descendants of topo-
topocentric topochemistry topocyte topogenesis topograph topoisomer topoisomerase topolatry topolect topometry toponym toponymic topophone toposheet topotype