touchdown etymology

English word touchdown comes from English tachy, English down

Detailed word origin of touchdown

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tachy English (eng)
down English (eng) From one end to another of.. From the higher end to the lower of. (baseball, colloquial, following the noun modified) Out.. (colloquial) With "on", negative about, hostile to. (not comparable) Inoperable; out of order; out of service.. (not comparable, US, slang) Comfortable with, accepting of.. (not comparable, military, aviation, slang, of an aircraft) Mechanically failed, collided, shot [...]
touchdown English (eng) (American football, Canadian football) A six-point score occurring when the ball enters possession of a team's player in the opponent's end zone.. (aviation) The moment when an aircraft or spacecraft makes first or final contact with the ground during a landing.. (rugby) A defensive action of grounding the ball in the team’s own in-goal to stop the play. (rugby) A try (scoring play of [...]

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