trademark etymology

English word trademark comes from English mark, English trade

Detailed word origin of trademark

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mark English (eng) (Australian Rules football) To catch the ball directly from a kick of 10 metres or more without having been touched in transit, resulting in a free kick.. (golf) To put a marker in the place of one's ball.. (singing) To sing softly, and perhaps an octave lower than usual, in order to protect one's voice during a rehearsal.. (sports) To follow a player not in possession of the ball when [...]
trade English (eng) (gardening, transitive, or, intransitive) To give someone a plant and receive a different one in return.. (intransitive) To be traded at a certain price or under certain conditions.. (intransitive) To engage in trade. (intransitive) To have dealings; to be concerned or associated (with).. (intransitive, or, transitive) To do business; offer for sale as for one's livelihood.. (transitive) To [...]
trademark English (eng) (informal) distinctive, characteristic, signature A word, symbol, or phrase used to identify a particular company's product and differentiate it from other companies' products.. Any proprietary business, product or service name. To register something as a trademark.. To so label a product.