trainee etymology

English word trainee comes from English train, English -ee

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train English (eng) (astronomy) A transient trail of glowing ions behind a large meteor as it falls through the atmosphere.. (computing) A software release schedule.. (military) The men and vehicles following an army, which carry artillery and other equipment for battle or siege. [from 16th c.]. (now, rare) An animal's trail or track. [from 16th c.]. (sex, slang) An act wherein series of men line up and then [...]
-ee English (eng) Used to form diminutives. (legal) Used to form words meaning a person who is the other party to a contract involving a person described by the corresponding word ending in -or. (medicine) Used to form words meaning a person who has undergone a particular medical procedure. Added to verbs to form words meaning a person or thing that is the object of that verb (ie, to whom or to which an [...]
trainee English (eng) Someone who is still in the process of being formally trained in a workplace.

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committee nominee pawnee