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English word trance comes from Latin ire, Latin trans-, and later Middle English traunce (Trance (dazed or semi-conscious state).).

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ire Latin (lat)
trans- Latin (lat)
transire Latin (lat)
transir Old French (fro)
transe Old French (fro)
traunce Middle English (enm) Trance (dazed or semi-conscious state).
trance English (eng) (consciousness) A state of concentration, awareness and/or focus that filters information and experience; e.g. meditation, possession, etc.. (obsolete) A tedious journey.. (psychology) A state of low response to stimulus and diminished, narrow attention.. (psychology) The previous state induced by hypnosis.. (uncountable, music genre) Trance music, a genre of electronic dance music.. A dazed [...]

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Descendants of ire
circuit commence initial initiation initiative issue itinerary obituary transit
Descendants of trans-
jinx tradition traditional train trainee traitor trajectory transfer transferred transition translate translation translator transmission transmit transparent transport transportation transporting tray treason