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English word transgender comes from English gender, English trans-

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gender English (eng) (archaic) To engender.. (archaic, or, obsolete) To breed. (grammar). (grammar) A division of nouns and pronouns (and sometimes of other parts of speech) into masculine or feminine, and sometimes other categories like neuter or common. [from 14th c.]. (grammar) Any division of nouns and pronouns (and sometimes of other parts of speech), such as masculine / feminine / neuter, or animate / [...]
trans- English (eng) (chemistry) A compound in which two atoms or groups are situated on opposite sides of some plane of symmetry passing through the compound. (Also used without the hyphen as an adjective; see trans.). Across, through, over, beyond, to or on the other side of, outside of.. Transgender or transsexual, or pertaining to those who are transgender or transsexual.
transgender English (eng) (broadly) Not identifying with culturally conventional gender roles and categories of male or female; having changed gender identity from male to female or female to male, or identifying with elements of both, or having some other gender identity; or, pertaining to such people. (Compare genderqueer, transsexual.). (narrowly) Having a gender (identity) which is different from the sex one was [...]

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abled transbronchial transchromosomic transcontinental transcranial transdimensional transesterification transfolk transgenic transglycosylate translady translocatable transnational transnitrosylate transpass transprimer transresveratrol transriverine transsexual transthoracic transtibial transvaginal transvector transworld