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English word translation comes from Latin trans-

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trans- Latin (lat)
transfero Latin (lat) I apply, make use of.. I bear, carry or bring across or over; transport, transfer.. I carry along in public, display in procession, bear in triumph.. I change, transform.. I copy, transcribe, transfer.. I put off, defer, postpone, delay, transfer.. I transfer in meaning, use figuratively or tropically.. I translate into another language; interpret.
tralatio Latin (lat)
translacion Old French (fro) Movement; transfer. Transfer (of ownership). Translation (from one language to another, etc.).
translacioun Anglo-Norman (xno)
translation English (eng) (countable) The product or end result of an act of translating, in its various senses.. (genetics) The process whereby a strand of mRNA directs assembly of amino acids into proteins within a ribosome.. (mathematics) A relation between two mathematical figures such as a straight line where the coordinates of each point in one figure is a constant added to the coordinates of a corresponding [...]

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jinx tradition traditional train trainee traitor trajectory trance transfer transferred transit transition translate translator transmission transmit transparent transport transportation transporting tray treason