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English word transprimer comes from English primer, English trans-

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primer English (eng) (New Zealand) An elementary school class; an elementary school student.. (historical, Catholic, _, ecclesiastical) A prayer or devotional book intended for laity, initially an abridgment of the breviary and manual including the hours of the Virgin Mary, 15 gradual and 7 penitential psalms, the litany, the placebo and dirige forming the office of the dead, and the commendations.. (historical, [...]
trans- English (eng) (chemistry) A compound in which two atoms or groups are situated on opposite sides of some plane of symmetry passing through the compound. (Also used without the hyphen as an adjective; see trans.). Across, through, over, beyond, to or on the other side of, outside of.. Transgender or transsexual, or pertaining to those who are transgender or transsexual.
transprimer English (eng) A commercial transposon.

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abled transbronchial transchromosomic transcontinental transcranial transdimensional transesterification transfolk transgender transgenic transglycosylate translady translocatable transnational transnitrosylate transpass transresveratrol transriverine transsexual transthoracic transtibial transvaginal transvector transworld