travis etymology

English word travis comes from Latin vertere, Latin trans (Across, beyond.)

Detailed word origin of travis

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vertere Latin (lat)
trans Latin (lat) Across, beyond.
traverser Old French (842-ca. 1400) (fro) To traverse; to cross; to go across.
traverse English (eng) (artillery) To rotate a gun around a vertical axis to bear upon a military target.. (carpentry) To plane in a direction across the grain of the wood.. (climbing) , To climb or descend a steep hill at a wide angle (relative to the slope).. (engineering) , (skiing) To (make a cutting, an incline) across the gradients of a sloped face at safe rate.. (legal) To deny formally.. (transitive) To [...]
travis English (eng) (British) A screen or partition between stable stalls.. (obsolete) A beam; a lay of joints; a traverse.. (obsolete) A wooden frame to confine a horse while the smith is setting his shoes. (archaic) Lying across, traverse.

Words with the same origin as travis

Descendants of vertere
ad adversary advertise advertisement anniversary controversial controversy diverse diversion divert divorce vertigo vortex
Descendants of trans
ashtray trade trademark tradition traditional train trainee traitor tray treason