tremolo etymology

English word tremolo comes from Latin tremo (I tremble, shake, shudder at.)

Detailed word origin of tremolo

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tremo Latin (lat) I tremble, shake, shudder at.
tremulus Latin (lat) Shaking, quaking, quivering, trembling, tremulous.
tremulo Latin (lat) Trembling (Vulgar Latin, Medieval Latin) I tremble, shake.
tremolare Italian (ita) (intransitive) to flicker (flame). (intransitive) to tremble, shake. (intransitive) to twinkle (star).
tremolo English (eng) (music) A rapid repetition of the same note, or an alternation between two or more notes. It can also be intended to mean a rapid and repetitive variation in pitch for the duration of a note. It is notated by a strong diagonal bar across the note stem, or a detached bar for a set of notes (or stemless notes).. (music) A variation in the volume of a note or a chord, evoking a tremor or [...]

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temblor tremble tremellose tremulous