trichogen etymology

English word trichogen comes from English -gen (A producer of something, e.g. hydrogen.), English tricho- (Forming words related to hair.)

Detailed word origin of trichogen

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-gen English (eng) A producer of something, e.g. hydrogen.
tricho- English (eng) Forming words related to hair.
trichogen English (eng) A substance that stimulates hair growth.. An epidermal cell that grows into a seta.

Words with the same origin as trichogen

Descendants of -gen
acrogen androgen antiflorigenic carcinogen carcinogenic chalcogenide comedogenic estrogen gasogen hallucinogen hallucinogenic litogen melanogen morphogen mutagen narced neogen nitragin nitrogen organogen osteogen procarcinogen pruritogen pyrogen zymogen
Descendants of tricho-
hypotrichosis trichobezoar trichoblast trichochrome trichocyte trichodynia trichoid trichomaniac trichomycosis trichopathophobia trichophagia trichophile trichophilia trichophobia trichophyte trichophytic trichophytosis trichoscalid trichoscopy