trichophagia etymology

English word trichophagia comes from English tricho- (Forming words related to hair.), English -phagia (Eating, biting or swallowing.)

Detailed word origin of trichophagia

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
tricho- English (eng) Forming words related to hair.
-phagia English (eng) Eating, biting or swallowing.
trichophagia English (eng) Compulsive eating of hair.

Words with the same origin as trichophagia

Descendants of tricho-
hypotrichosis trichobezoar trichoblast trichochrome trichocyte trichodynia trichogen trichoid trichomaniac trichomycosis trichopathophobia trichophile trichophilia trichophobia trichophyte trichophytic trichophytosis trichoscalid trichoscopy
Descendants of -phagia
dysphagia geophagia gynophagia hyperphagia hypophagia lignophagia necrophagia odynophagia onychophagia osteophagia tachyphagia urophagia xerophagia xylophagia zoophagia