trichophilia etymology

English word trichophilia comes from English -philia, English tricho- (Forming words related to hair.)

Detailed word origin of trichophilia

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-philia English (eng) (pathology) abnormal liking or tendency; paraphilia. Liking; love (for something).
tricho- English (eng) Forming words related to hair.
trichophilia English (eng) A paraphilia in which one is sexually aroused by, or extremely fond of, human hair.. Any hair-related fetish. (Can we add an example for this sense?).

Words with the same origin as trichophilia

Descendants of -philia
Judeophilia bibliophilia blackophilia ethnophilia haematophilia hydrophilia incestophilia kleptophilia lesbophilia limnophilia logophilia mechaphilia mycophilia mysophilia necrophile nepiophilia ochlophilia olfactophilia plumbophilia polyphilia pornophilia pyrophilia pædophilia teratophilia
Descendants of tricho-
hypotrichosis trichobezoar trichoblast trichochrome trichocyte trichodynia trichogen trichoid trichomaniac trichomycosis trichopathophobia trichophagia trichophile trichophobia trichophyte trichophytic trichophytosis trichoscalid trichoscopy