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English word tricorder comes from English tri-, English recorder

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tri- English (eng) (chemistry) Used in combination with a known element name (e.g. 'tri-silicon') to designate an unknown element that would reside three periods lower than the known element on a Mendeleev-type periodic table. See Mendeleev's predicted elements. Three.
recorder English (eng) A judge in a municipal court.. Agent noun of record; one who records.. An apparatus for recording; a device which records. (musical instrument) A musical instrument of the woodwind family; a type of fipple flute, a simple internal duct flute.
tricorder English (eng) (fiction) A fictional futuristic handheld device used for scanning, which may be specialized for medical, technical, or other purposes.. (slang) A real-world advanced handheld medical scanner.

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Trifluvian triamide triathlete triathlon tributyrin tricuspid tridermic triester trifecta trifunctional trihydrofluoride triiodo trilateral trilayer trilevel trilithium trilobite trioxygen triparalogous triphasic triseralous tristate triuranium trong
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batcorder camcorder holocorder minicorder