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English word trieth comes from English try, English -eth

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try English (eng) (American football) a field goal or extra point. (UK, dialect, obsolete) A screen, or sieve, for grain.. (rugby) A score in rugby, analogous to a touchdown in American football.. An act of tasting or sampling.. An attempt. (obsolete) Fine, excellent. (legal) To put on trial.. (nautical) To extract oil from blubber or fat; to melt down blubber to obtain oil. (nautical) To lie to in heavy [...]
-eth English (eng) Used to create ordinal numbers from cardinal numbers ending in -y, namely the multiples of ten (other than ten itself): 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, and 90; e.g. twentieth, thirtieth. (archaic) Used to form the third-person singular present indicative of verbs.. (humorous) replaces -s or -es (of verb forms and noun plurals), or is appended to other verb forms, forming nonce, pseudoarchaic [...]
trieth English (eng)

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Descendants of try
retriable triable triest trisexual untried
Descendants of -eth
abideth believeth cometh doeth dwelleth endeth endureth goeth keepeth knoweth leadeth lieth liveth loveth maketh passeth raineth reigneth restoreth runneth sayeth seeketh turneth twentieth walketh