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English word trilayer comes from English tri-, English layer

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tri- English (eng) (chemistry) Used in combination with a known element name (e.g. 'tri-silicon') to designate an unknown element that would reside three periods lower than the known element on a Mendeleev-type periodic table. See Mendeleev's predicted elements. Three.
layer English (eng) A (usually) horizontal deposit; a stratum.. A single thickness of some material covering a surface.. An item of clothing worn under or over another.. One of the items in a hierarchy. (ambitransitive) to arrange (something) in layers.. (ambitransitive) to cut or divide (something) into layers A hen kept to lay eggs.. A mature female bird, insect, etc. that is able to lay eggs.. A person who [...]
trilayer English (eng) Any structure consisting of three layers.

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Trifluvian triamide triathlete triathlon tributyrin tricorder tricuspid tridermic triester trifecta trifunctional trihydrofluoride triiodo trilateral trilevel trilithium trilobite trioxygen triparalogous triphasic triseralous tristate triuranium trong
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